Why we put the customer first

We work in an industry that has changed rapidly over the years and is moving fast in terms of customer service. This means that customers are demanding more and more. They are expecting to be treated courteously and respectfully. As a business, we have to meet these demands by offering a high standard of customer service and by showing our customers that we are always putting their needs first.

Do we treat our customers with respect and courtesy?

Yes. As a small family business, we have a very good understanding of our customers. So, we make sure we listen to them, look after their interests, and offer them the best possible service. We know that, when our customers come to us, they are seeking a certain level of service and we work hard to provide this. For example, we always answer calls within five minutes, reply quickly to emails and letters, and ensure our customers have a clear explanation of our terms and conditions. We also strive to keep our shop and website as clean and tidy as possible. This reflects well on our customers and gives them a good impression of us.

What’s more, we are committed to the principles of the ‘Service Champion’ initiative and work hard to become a recognized brand as a result. We’ve got the badge to prove it!

We have a range of ways in which we show our commitment to our customers. One of these is by making sure our staff are well trained. They are taught how to deal politely and sensitively with a wide variety of customers and are regularly reminded that they need to act this way at all times.

Another is by setting out clear expectations for the level of service that we offer and by giving customers specific information on how we can best help them. We encourage our staff to give customers clear, concise answers to questions and to make sure that our policies and terms and conditions are made available to customers whenever they ask for them.

If we find that a customer is having a problem, we make it our job to look for ways to help. This includes taking a complaint forward and ensuring that we resolve it.

So, we have a strong policy of treating customers with respect and courtesy and, as a result, our customers are happy to be with us.

What’s more, we’re proud of our ‘Customer First’ policy.

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