Na Na Na Surprise Teens 11″ Fashion Doll Gretchen Stripes, Soft, Poseable, Blonde Hair, Cute Animal-inspired Raccoon Hat Outfit & Accessories, Gift for Kids, Toy for Girls & Boys Ages 5 6 7 8+ Years

Na Na Na Surprise Teens 11″ Fashion Doll is a must-have toy for kids of all ages! This adorable doll comes with a raccoon hat, outfit, and accessories that make her look like a real fashionista. She is soft and poseable, making her perfect for role-playing and fantasy play. The doll is made of high quality materials, so she will last long and be loved by children for years to come.

Features Details of the Product

Introducing the new 11″ soft posable fashion doll, Gretchen Stripes! This beautiful doll has been inspired by a raccoon and features stylish clothing and a funny Na Na Na chip bag. She is perfect for a birthday, good grade gift, travel gift, Christmas, or any special occasion.


1. This product is gorgeous and soft.

2. The packaging is new and features a window box to show off all the quality details.

3. Gretchen Stripes is a Fancy & Cute fashion doll inspired by a Raccoon.

4. This product is a good grade gift, travel gift, Christmas gift, chores reward, and any special occasion.

5. Gretchen Stripes knows fashion is in the eye of the beholder.


-The product is only available in one color
-The product is only available in one style

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the doll’s height and weight?

The doll’s height is 11 inches and weight is 3.3 pounds.

2. What is the doll’s material?

The doll is made of vinyl.

3. What is the doll’s clothing?

The doll’s clothing is inspired by a raccoon. The outfit includes a fluffy hat, stylish boots with a tail, and printed face.

4. Are there any other features included with the doll?

The doll also includes a tag with her name, birthday, and a little about her.

Final Note

Everyone loves surprises, and what better way to surprise your teen than with a fashion doll that features a cute animal-inspired outfit and accessories? The Na Na Na Surprise Teens 11″ Fashion Doll is just the doll for the job!

This fashion doll features a soft, poseable body and blonde hair that can be styled in any way you like. She comes complete with a raccoon hat and a set of accessories that include a pair of shoes and a purse.

The Na Na Na Surprise Teens 11″ Fashion Doll is the perfect gift for your teen, and she will love playing with her new toy. She is sure to enjoy dressing up her fashion doll and creating unique outfits for her to wear.

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