JOYIN 100 Set 3″ Colorful Easter Eggs for Filling Specific Treats, Easter Theme Party Favor, Easter Eggs Hunt, Basket Stuffers Filler, Classroom Prize Supplies

If you’re looking for colorful Easter eggs to fill specific treats, Easter theme party favors, Easter eggs hunt, basket stuffers filler, or classroom prize supplies, then you need to check out the JOYIN 100 Set 3″ Colorful Easter Eggs! These eggs are sure to make any celebration extra special, and they’re also perfect for filling Easter baskets!

Features Details of the Product

Are you looking for Easter basket fillers that will add a little bit of excitement to your Easter celebrations? Look no further than the Easter egg basket fillers from JOYIN! These 100 egg pieces are made of hard, recyclable polypropylene plastic and are child safe. They measure 3” tall x 1 ½” wide and are bigger and heaver than regular Easter eggs. The custom designed hinge ensures that the top and bottom of the egg pieces stay together, making them perfect for Easter decoration, school supplies, Easter party favors, Easter basket stuffers, and more.


1. The product includes 100 egg pieces in assorted colors.

2. The eggs are bigger and heavier than regular Easter eggs.

3. The eggs are designed with a hinge that keeps the top and bottom pieces together, making them more durable.

4. The Easter egg baskets are a super value pack for Easter-themed decorations and goodie/gift giving.

5. The eggs are made of food-safe polypropylene and meet US toy standards, making them safe for children to play with.


-The eggs are bigger and heavier than regular Easter eggs, which may make them difficult to hide.
-The eggs are made of hard plastic, which some children may not like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What are the dimensions of the eggs?

The dimensions of the eggs are 3″ tall x 1.5″ wide.

Final Note

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by filling eggs with colorful treats? TheJOYIN 100 Set 3″ Colorful Easter Eggs are perfect for this purpose, and they also make great party favors, Easter eggs hunt prizes, and classroom prize supplies. These eggs are made of durable plastic and come in a set of three. They are easy to fill and come with a hole in the center so that you can easily attach them to a treat or a basket.

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