Collector’s Case Series 1 Collectible Toy Limited Еdition

Collector’s Case Series 1 Collectible Toy Limited Edition is a unique and fun way to store and display your favorite toys. The stylish, hardshell case features a magnetic closure and is made of durable plastic. The case is perfect for holding your toy collection and makes a great addition to any room.

Features Details of the Product

Welcome to the world of 70+ Miniatures! This exciting new collection of collectible miniatures is sure to please fans of all ages. Unbox more capsules to find all 70+ miniatures! This highly collectible set is perfect for fans of all kinds of miniature gaming. Whether you’re a strategy gamer, a miniature collector, or just a fan of fun and excitement, this set is perfect for you! With so many different miniatures to collect, there’s sure to be something for everyone. So don’t wait any longer, get your set today!


1. There are 70+ miniatures to collect.
2. Unbox more capsules to find them all!
3. The miniatures are high-quality and well-made.
4. The capsules are a fun and unique way to collect the miniatures.
5. The miniatures are a great way to enhance your gaming experience.


– There are over 70 miniatures to collect, which can be overwhelming for some people.
– You have to buy more capsules to find them all, which can be costly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the miniatures size?

The miniatures are about 1″ tall.

2. How many capsules are in the set?

There are 70+ capsules in the set.

3. Are the capsules randomized?

No, the capsules are not randomized.

4. How many miniatures are in each capsule?

There are 5 miniatures in each capsule.

5. Can I resell the miniatures?

The miniatures are not resellable.

Final Note

What do you get when you combine the Collectible Toy Series 1 Limited Edition with an action figure? You get an amazing display piece! Each figure comes with a display stand, making it easy to show off your collection. And the Collectible Toy Series 1 Limited Edition action figures are some of the best action figures out there! They are detailed and look great on your shelf.

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