Bluey Pool Playset and Figure, 2.5-3 inch Articulated Figure and Accessories

This Bluey Pool Playset and Figure is perfect for any birthday party. It comes with a 2.5-3 inch articulated figure and accessories. The set is easy to assemble and is perfect for ages 3 and up.

Features Details of the Product

Looking for a pool toy that your little one will love? Look no further than the Bluey Pool Set! This set comes with a Bluey figure dressed in her swimsuit, a diving board and a cabana. The pool accessory set makes playing in the pool more realistic, and the figure is the perfect size for little hands.


1. Provides realistic pool play for kids.
2. Provides 4 fun pool accessories for Bluey to play with.
3. Comes with Bluey figure dressed in her swim suit.
4. Allows kids to dive off the diving board or relax on the deck under the cabana.
5. Easy to assemble and play.


1. The pool is not big enough for more than one figure to play in at a time
2. The accessories are not very interactive (e.g. the diving board does not move)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What pool accessories are included with the Bluey pool toy?

The Bluey pool toy includes a figure dressed in a swimsuit, a diving board, a deck under the cabana, and four pool noodles.

Final Note

The Bluey Pool Playset and Figure is a great addition to any pool or water play area. The Bluey is a 2.5-3 inch articulated figure with a range of motion that allows her to move her arms and legs. She comes with a fun pool and accessories that make playing pool fun.

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