Trends In Genetics: The Future Of Phylogenetic Networks

A couple of weeks ago I reported on those journal covers that I know illustrate phylogenetic networks. I am happy to report that networks have now also made it onto the cover of Volume 29 Issue 8 of Trends in Genetics. The cover illustration combines the traditional tree metaphor for phylogenetics with the new metaphor of a network.

The cover story is the review article by Eric Bapteste, Leo van Iersel, Axel Janke, Scot Kelchner, Steven Kelk, James McInerney, David Morrison, Luay Nakhleh, Mike Steel, Leen Stougie and James Whitfield: Networks: expanding evolutionary thinking, on pages 439-441.

The article is one of the tangible outcomes of the workshop last October, at the Lorentz Center in The Netherlands: The Future of Phylogenetic Networks. The workshop participants agreed that we should be active in promoting the use of networks for evolutionary analyses, and this article, written by a group of biologists and computational biologists, seeks to do just that.

There will be further outcomes of the workshop, including follow-up meetings at the same venue.