Sour Cherry Pie Martini

Well, I missed Pi (3-14-16) day, it's the day every food blogger in town posts a pie recipe.
Except me.
I'm just too busy these days for all that mid week baking stuff.  
However, this recipe is easier than pie, and tastes just as yummy.

First thing out of taste tester's mouth (that cute guy of mine) "Ahhh, that tastes better than pie!"
Have I mentioned that his favorite pie is cherry?
Ultimate compliment.

Later on, I whipped up a bigger batch to take to a tea party with my mom and sisters (What?  What do you take to a tea party?... maybe you should come to one of our parties!  LOL)

This tastes strong, but I did keep reminding the others who were sampling, that it was "half juice".  Plus, you won't have to worry about scurvy or gout if you have one of these.   Hahaha!

NOTE-  A jigger is about a 2oz measure, but you could use a 1/4 cup measuring cup too.

Makes 2 big martinis

1 jigger of lime
2 jiggers of sour cherry juice (Trader Joe's or Knudsen's are good ones)
2 jiggers of vodka
1 jigger of triple sec

In an ice filled shaker, add all the ingredients.  Shake, shake, shake and strain into martini glasses.
You could garnish with a cherry, or a wheel of lime, but really... it tastes so good, you don't really need a garnish.

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