Road To Rangoon - Burma, 1944: Completed Jungles & Wrecks

Well, for my first foray into building removable jungle bases, I'm actually pretty happy with the result. To make the plastic trees "pop", I drybrushed the tops of the leaf canopies with lighter shades of green. The juxtaposition between tall, vibrant palms and low, leafy evergreens really evokes the feeling of thicker jungle without cluttering each base with foliage that would make them a problem to maneuver troops through.
It's hard to replicate the soil of SE Asia in miniature since every photo I've seen has a slight reddish-brown hue, but tends to dry in a light biege. Painting it in a basic brown would look too dark, almost like a European soil; while painting them in a light biege would look too much like desert terrain. The bases themselves are painted with a light brown latex paint, then heavily painted with a burnt umber ink wash, and finally drybrushed with Territorial Biege acrylic paint. I then finished them with flocking, static grass, and some old dry herbs to simulate leaf scatter. 

The wrecks turned out pretty well for a quick camouflage pattern paint. I used an English Ivy color for the green, Chocolate Brown for the brown, and a Biege-Bright Yellow mixture for the striping. Once dry, I used a heavy wash of Burnt Umber acrylic ink and drybrushed areas around the tracks with the Territorial Biege I used to drybrush the bases with. Smoke damage was simulated by stippling with Pavement Grey and heavy Black ink washes.

Next up are the terraced rice paddies and the Buddhist Stupa....