Italian Beutepanzers & 10.5cm Artillery Battery

I'm coming up on the last few German platoons for Flames of War for the foreseeable future. This time it's a platoon of Italian P-40 "Heavy" tanks in Wehrmacht service. After the Italian armistice, the P-40's production facilities were taken over by the German authorities, who pressed this tank into service as the Pzfw. 40 737(i) in the Italian theater of operations. Unlike most other Italian tanks, the 737(i) performed reasonably well and was well-liked by panzer crews. Had it been developed earlier in the war, it may have provided the Italian tankers with a moderately successful medium tank design. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late for both the Italian and German armies.

I also re-did the 10.5cm Artillery Battery I had initially made to support Panzergruppe Guderian in Early War battles. While reasonably priced and versatile, I found myself rarely using it, opting instead for more AFVs in my lists. So I repainted the guns and added a Kubelwagen for use with my Grenadiers in mid- and late-war periods.