Hedging our bets

new laurel hedge with pruned mulberry

The best sort of hedge fund is surely the one you establish yourself. Today, fifty laurel ('bay laurel - Laurus nobilis, of the plant family Lauraceae, also known as sweet bay, bay tree, true laurel, Grecian laurel, laurel tree, or simply laurel' - Wikipedia), were planted around our current vegie patch. The plan is to create one day a hortus conclusus, an enclosed or medieval-style garden within the laurel walls. For now our rose bushes have taken cover there from the dreadful deer and we grow tomatoes, parsnips, asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries. The clematis, honeysuckle and other climbers will continue to twine and bloom around the perimeter. In the future we shall plant medieval flowers and the mulberry tree will shade a bench, where people can sit and read or think (cf.'sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits') and contemplate the hills. Now that seems a good investment.

hedge from aia/threshing floor