False Ceiling With Spot, Stretched Or Suspended

Several choices of ceiling or false ceiling currently offer, either to improve the existing or in the case of new construction. Among others, there are false ceilings and stretched suspended. To give more aesthetic to illuminate the room, the spots are an effective solution.

False ceilings suspended and tense

False ceiling with spot, stretched or suspended
False tense and suspended ceilings provide a solution to give a new look to a room. Indeed, first of all, in the case of damaged ceiling, the latter will no longer be visible. Moreover, they are also an option to hide the electrical son if they are not recessed.

In addition, apart from concealing insulators, they combine with them to provide better insulation either for heat or sound. These two types of false ceiling also have the advantage of adapting very easily to the bearing structure.

Specifically, the false stretch ceiling is made from a fabric derived from PVC, but this painting currently without PVC component. This second option meets the need of respecting the environment because the fabric becomes recyclable.

In his interview, this type of cap is washable. However, we must choose the paint that quickly tired because it is impossible to repaint.

The false ceiling suspended meanwhile, has the advantage of being removable. It can be laid on steel, wood or concrete. Consisting of fairly heavy material, it must be more to put in place but the most prudent is to call in the professionals.

The spots for false ceiling, a free estimate

False ceiling with spot, stretched or suspended
Two types of spots exist for ceilings: there were those on rail and recessed spotlights. These are intended primarily for false ceilings such as tense or suspended. Several choices are available: Led spot, compact fluorescent or halogen.

For laying spots in false ceilings, it is first necessary to ensure a sufficient distance with thermal insulation. Whether tight or suspended ceiling, we must also pay attention to route electrical son beforehand above. In the case of spots to 12 volts, the transformer is also set behind the false ceiling.

Call a professional is always beneficial for the false ceiling installation with spotlights. A free quote can also be obtained, especially online.

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