Basil Margarita

There's a hard line between too sweet, and too tart.    
I figured this might be too sweet, but it was just what I wanted!  
I think you will like it too.
We first had this drink, called a "basilrita" at a favorite Mexican place in Leavenworth Washington called "South".  Loved it but never tried it at home. 
I'm not sure why  not, I usually have Rose's Lime Juice (in the drink/mixer area of your grocery store) on hand, plus limes, triple sec and tequila on hand.  Fresh Basil?  Well, that one is a bit more tricky at some times of the year, but I do love having fresh basil on the deck in the summer!  Having loads of fresh basil to use up is a fantastic reason to make up a basil margarita!
I'm sure you agree.

As you may have noted, I omitted the salt from my rim, but it would have made a better picture.  I love salt, but it doesn't love me. 

Makes 1
3-4 leaves of Fresh basil (plus some more for garnish)
1 lime, juiced 
1 jigger Rose's lime juice
1 1/2 jigger tequila
1 jigger triple sec
Salt for the rim (optional)

Fill a glass with crushed ice.  
Fill a drink shaker with ice, add some ripped up fresh basil leaves, add the lime juice, Rose's lime juice , triple sec and tequila.  Shake, shake,shake and strain into a glass.
garnish of lime and a sprig of basil leaves.

Serve at once.