67 Inspired For Traveling To Canada With A Dui In The Usa

This is especially true for us residents because canada has access to the fbi database of criminal records. Canada canada is sneakily one of the most difficult places for us citizens with a dui to travel.

American Dui How Does Canadian Border Know Allcleared Canada Travel Dui Canada

If they find the dwi dui on your record they may send you to the immigrations screening and potentially a very long wait.

Traveling to canada with a dui in the usa. But this is not the case it is nevertheless an offense punishable in canada under the criminal code of canada. In canada drunk driving is considered a criminal offence. Canadian border crossing rules many americans often believe they can cross the border with a past dui as it s regarded differently in the united states.

If you have a duii in your past don t worry that doesn t mean you can never visit canada. Canada may not allow persons with dui driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol convictions to enter their country. Duis and their canadian law equivalents citizens of the united states may be deemed inadmissible to canada due to a previous criminal conviction.

A duii conviction or diversion on your record makes you inadmissible to canada because the canadian equivalent of a duii is an indictable offense in canada. When arriving on an international flight from the usa you will be required to clear passport control even if you are continuing to a connecting international flight with a destination outside of canada. A canadian immigration officer will decide if you can enter canada when you apply for a visa an electronic travel authorization eta or upon your arrival at a port of entry.

Travelling to canada with a dui or dwi on record. Impaired driving is considered a felony in canada and anyone with a dui is restricted from entering the country for at least five years. Even offences that are minor in some states such as driving under the influence dui may cause a traveller to be denied entry to canada upon arriving at the canadian border.

One single drunk driving offense does not usually cause a problem for canadians crossing the united states border but it will most certainly cause an issue for americans wishing to cross the canadian border. Canada is very strict about dui convictions. There are several ways you may still be able to gain entry.

This is a service of immigration law of montana p c a full service law firm located in eastern montana by billings. Many people assume that if they have a dui on their record that it may not be a big deal and can still enter canada after all a dui or dwi conviction is commonly viewed as a minor offense. In some states a dui is regarded as a misdemeanor infraction or traffic violation.

If you have a dui in the past 10 years you will be denied entry.

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