1/56 Scale Warlord T-34 ChtZ

Despite being only 6 years old, this kit certainly shows its age and how far the 1/56 scale model range has developed in that time. It's not very detailed, there's a lot of molded-on parts, and its incredibly basic. To simulate the ChtZ stamped turret, I removed the incorrect secondary periscope, added grab bars, textured the surface to simulate rough steel, added pistol ports, and added hinges to the rear engine bay hatch (in addition to scribing the hatch correctly).

Due to the pandemic, it was hard to find good rattle can primer for awhile, so I used an incredibly old can of Testors semi-gloss to prime this. Not thinking it through, when I used hairspray for chipping effects and then used my usual pressure for removing the paint, it came off in large sections - especially on the top of the turret and front track guard! I thought it was ruined but then I realized I could use dry blending and oil filters to lessen the difference in tone. As such, this tank has a lot more tonal transitions than most of my other work and very much resembles panel shading (which I am normally a strong opponent of). 

I am still on the fence whether or not I'll sell this, but for now, it's grown on me....