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What Do We do?

From the name you can guess what we are all about. A website dedicated to bringing you only the best product reviews out there, no sponsored and completely unbiased.

Our team members are passionate about what they do. Each of our buying guides is created to make your online shopping task an easier one.

Some of them might seem like huge pieces of articles, but what’s the fun in making them short and uninformative?

We’ll know how intimidating online shopping is. From a customer’s point of view, there are hundreds or thousands of products from a lot of top brand manufacturers. And, it’s quite easy to get confused to actually pick one.

Ratings and reviews do help, but what happens when a bunch of product has the same positive recognition?

That’s where we come in. Through a process of strict filtering and sorting and spending a couple of hours at the process, we select only a few that meet all of our criteria.

Sometimes the process might take days or even weeks to finish up. Then it’s up to the team of our dedicated writers to step in and finish the job.

What’s In It For Us?

We all have families to take care of. And this job ain’t easy. In exchange for doing these buying guides, we get a small percentage of affiliate commission from every product that you purchase via our links. Rest assured we don’t do sponsored posts.

That’s strictly against our policy.

We only pick the end result of our review process. Here is a shortlist of how our filtering system looks like.

Review Process

  1. We start by picking all the best-rated products out there.
  2. Sort them by their reviews (positive ones)
  3. Contact with actual users of those products to get honest feedback.
  4. Combine all the reports in a spreadsheet.
  5. Cross check multiple sites for reference.
  6. Check brand popularity and customer feedback.
  7. Make the final list and deliver them to our writing team.

That’s not all.

We also try to figure out why consumers want that specific product in the first place. What are they after, what problem would that product solve and how will they benefit from that purchase.

As you see it’s not an easy task. But that’s what we love to do and have been doing it for quite a long time.

Our Aim

What’s our goal? What are we trying to achieve?

Well, first of all, we want this blog to be your last destination for making up your mind about picking the best product.

To be able to get all the information you need in one place and to get your valuable opinion on each product.

Whether it’s tools, accessories, or common household items, you can be sure you’ll be getting only unbiased reviews and personal opinions.

Shop with confidence!

We always welcome your opinion. That’s what fuels us to make more of this stuff. Feel free to contact us for any queries.


The stjohnsmainstreet Team.

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