Gateway Greenspace Project Draft

Gateway Greenspace Re-landscaping Project

The St. Johns Main Street Coalition worked with Burgerville and DeSantis Landscaping to re-landscape the welcome island, or “gateway greenspace” located next to Burgerville at the intersection of Ivanhoe St. and Philadelphia St.  The island, owned and unmaintained by PBOT, was home to invasive ivy, laurel, and some unsightly and unsanitary rodents.




The Project

We teamed up with nearly 200 volunteers over the course of a month to transform the space into an attractive, active, and welcoming island for the entrance of St. Johns. The space will encourage auto and foot traffic to continue their journey into the downtown and will demonstrate the pride we take in our community.  The paths and benches will provide a space for community members to eat lunch on a sunny day, and expand the space available during community events.

What did we do?

The draft plan (pictured above) proposed the removal of the ivy and laurel and install of a mixture of landscaping, paths, and benches. The plants are primarily native plants, and will receive ongoing maintenance by DeSantis Landscaping through a generous donation from Burgerville . The paths are made out of decomposed granite, an attractive, permeable surface that requires little maintenance.

How can I give feedback?

The re-landscaping was “phase one” of the project.  We are interested in other ideas for how to further enliven the space through art, historic displays, information signs, or other additions. We are soliciting feedback and suggestions both on the current design and ideas for a future “phase 2.” You can send your comments and ideas to

This project is  possible thanks to  generous donations from Burgerville and DeSantis landscaping, and a District Improvement Grant from the Portland Development Commission. We extend our thanks to the energy, passion, and creative that each partner has brought to the table.

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